A UX design exercise

The Challenge

Teleport Me. Design an application that allows the user to travel from anywhere on the planet to another instantly (you can presume the backend exists!)

Let’s look at Wikipedia’s intepretation of teleport:

Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.

Design Process

  1. Context: Problem/Goal, Constraints/Assumptions
  2. Understanding Users: User research, Competitive Review
  3. Setting the Stage: Requirements, User Flow, Brainstorm
  4. Design: Wireframes, Interactions, Feedback Iterations
  5. Final considerations: Edge cases, Next Steps, Last Thoughts


I decided to time-box myself to finish everything within 1 day over the weekend so that I could…

Interpreting a dataset to get an understanding of our product — the Flying Car Taxi Service

How might we build the first flying car taxi service for NYC?

You, as the data product manager, need to unveil the first flying car taxi service, Flyber, in one of the most congested cities in America — New York City. Some of the datasets are given by the course in order to extract insights from explicit feedback.

I will cover this into two sections

  1. Analyse data
  2. Build a product proposal (Coming soon)
  3. Establishing Data Infrastructure (Coming soon)
  4. Leveraging Data in Iterative Product Design (Coming soon)

📊 Analyse data

Since Flyber is a new technology, let’s look at existing…

Testing out AWS Rekognition prototype

Not long ago the company that I am currently work in, Workmate launches selfie self-clock-in feature — enable workers to upload photo with app when they start working. This is to make sure workers are indeed working at the warehouse(instead of from their home) by peeping at the selfie background if no-one supervises the workers onsite.

Blur, weird angle, dark, with friends

Of course we soon discovered that workers do not necessary give us valid selfie clock-ins as we see different types of selfies during our trials.

  • 98% of the users give complete set of data (GPS and Selfie uploads)
  • 5% of this complete data might…

As a robo-advisor customer, what do I expect from its mobile platform?

During this Covid period, I have picked up investing and have the opportunity to analyse robo-advisors in the market along the way. I will be using robo as the acronymn for robo-advisor in the article.

The products that I’m comparing with

I will be comparing Syfe, StashAway and Endowus which are currently operating in Singapore.

🚩Before you proceed:
I will be focused on learning what user wants and needs when using a robo mobile app without underlying operations.
The screenshots below were created with my testing accounts.
Two sets of user interviews were carried out from 25–40 years old. …

Product management in a crisis

I am a product manager at Workmate, an on-demand staffing platform for blue-collar workers in Southeast Asia. I fulfil the short term labour needs of businesses by using tech to connect and organize workforce. Covid-19 created an entirely unexpected situation for everyone. All over the world business markets have faced a severe decline that cannot be compensated easily. I have learnt certain things by releasing products during Covid-19 that would be useful for those who are working in this field.

Product Discovery

When we talk about accessibility in mobile apps, we often focus on either AAA colour-contrast or dynamic text. I would like to focus on VoiceOver, one of the most commonly used accessibility features, Apple’s screen-reading technology that reads out elements that are on the screen.

In my recent project, accessibility is a MUST and we must fulfil the standards.

WHY are we doing this?

It’s uncommon for commercial products to cater for accessibility (from my experience) due to budget and timeline. It’s up to the organization’s goodwill. In my recent project from a government organization, accessibility has been the first priority — here are some important things I’ve learnt. Enjoy!

HOW to activate voice over

Try testing your favourite app to discover how accessible…

Build an iOS app powered by Firestore and Google Spreadsheet


High-level project overview

If you are interested in why I start this project, I explained it here.


I realised that my project might not be the best example of using a NoSQL database because of its small scale but since Firestore is quite new to me, I decided to give it a try and learn something new on the way.

It’s schemaless and horizontally scalable 😎: Schemaless means I can always change the rule of the database by adding/removing fields and it will not affect the exisiting objects. Each object under the same…

Build an iOS app powered by Firestore and Google Spreadsheet


At Tigerspike Singapore, we have our Friday lunch. On Monday, we put in our order based on the options provided by our office manager and we get our food on Friday. Easy right?

Problems/ Goal

HOW MIGHT WE digitalize current food ordering process, SO THAT it simplifies the workflow efficiently.

We’re a multi-sensory, tech-meets-food grocery and dining experience like no other. See, smell, hear, touch and taste fresh flavours and food items from across the globe

— all in one habitat by honestbee.

Packed! Day 3 opening at habitat honestbee

What makes habitat by honestbee different?
We’re not just a grocery store and we’re not just a place to eat. At habitat by honestbee, you can experience the best of both housed in a 60,000 sq ft food wonderland. Cash and queues are the least of your worries. Powered by honestbee technology, we take care of the nitty-gritty so food comes first. Ready for a one-of-a-kind experience?

A design exercise that I’ve done to showcase my UX skills


Miriwoong language is categorised as critically endangered, with fewer than 12 truly fluent speakers remaining. The wisdom and culture of Miriwoong people can only be truly understood through the language that has been used for thousands of years to teach it. Hence, as the Miriwoong language has been forced into obscurity so too has the culture and identity of Miriwoong people. This is a design exercise to see how can I showcase my skills to do a digital solution for Miriwoong community.

Existing Miriwoong app: iOS, Android
Detailed design exercise description can be viewed here.


As this was a design…

Amy Cheong

Current: Product Manager at Workmate • Always Software Engineer.

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