Personality in your Notification

Not a distraction but an engagement

Most of the apps nowadays have notification and sometime it might be a minus if it is not being used correctly. Building a personality in your product including your notification makes user feel like they are really interacting with your product and more relatable.

What do you represent?

Of course you have to craft your notifications conversation in a way it does not burden your user. So far Human has the best notifications as every day I will get different quirky notification based on my activity of that day.

When I didn’t move around that much.
When my total activity time has reached around 60 mins.

How will you address your user?

In mobile, we classify notification into local and remote notification. You calculate and schedule a local notification for future date (etc future 1 sec) to prompt. Remote is prompted from the server. You might need to check if you are able to get user’s name in your copy text for your different types of notifications.

Second-person view: Hi! Seems that you jogged for more than 6000 steps this week! Well done!
Third-person view: Hi, Amy! Ready for a run today?
This might be trivial but imagined in your whole app you use random addressing all over the place

Time to notify

Notify me when I was in my meeting

Some notifications are presumedly perform much better at Friday (Voila, TGIF).

User are more likely click into your notification if it is relevant.

Foursquare does a good job on location-based notification which notify on best rated restaurant when I was near to that restaurant. With this, user will have the impression to use Foursquare if they want to have some ideas on where to eat.

Meal recommendation around dinner time

Where are you from? Culture in context

Sheesh. Killer month, <name>. That’s a record! 🏆

- Not the same meaning as English version. User is being informed that they did well this month(main objective).

Some apps include user’s location or festival in the notifications context to make user feels more “homey”.

Sounds and Actions

Messenger vs Whatsapp

Notification can incorporates relevant actions for user to perform faster shortcuts or direct interaction without wake the app up. Rather than “Clear” as only action for your notification, on different types of notification, you can have buttons or image to let user understand more of your content given the limited text you are displaying. For example, when user being notified he/she scored as first runner of the week, actions like tapping to dashboard then to the progress page (save steps) or share to others straightaway are one of the shortcuts as well.

Actions for notification

With more flexible options are being given on notification on mobile platform, you can encourage your user to feel more “attached” to your app.

More basic information on notification do’s and don’ts, please refer here and here.

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Current: Product Manager at Workmate • Always Software Engineer.

Current: Product Manager at Workmate • Always Software Engineer.