Key takeaways during UX phase

1. Prioritization in Product Thinking

Our dollar-voting system

“Think in products, not in features”

2. Meeting timeline

On early phase of the discovery phase, there are a lot of meetings. Product owners, stakeholders, UX team are required to be in together make consciences as a group.

Finishing meeting on time is important as it gives a sense of confidence to the client to attend your meeting next time and able to entrust you in finishing on time.

How to make sure time is on track during the meeting? Use a timer. By introducing your trustworthy iPhone timer as timekeeper in the beginning of the meeting, the stakeholders know they need to abide in certain timeframe. This is very effective when everyone are carried away from their own discussion.

3. User interviews

Usually there are 2 persons (1 for note-taker, another one is the interviewer) under ideal resources. As we were in discovery phase, we set our objective in discovering participant’s journey.

Sticky notes in user interviews
Example on my climbing journey

4. Deliverables

During each UX phase, there are deliverables needed to provide as output. To ensure there will not be any data lost, we digitalise the progress and findings from researches and meetings in documents(Eg. Google Drive).

  • Photo/Video: Beside photos, I like to use time lapse in one of the ideate sessions or kickoff meetings to remind stakeholders that decisions are made by everyone as a whole team and not from a UXer’s imagination.
  • Notes: Looking out for quotes, “important” stakeholder responses on issues, requirements/assumptions of the project and take note of client’s action that might influence user flow due to current regulations or architectures. Some of the clients might request for raw notes from your user interviews so it’s best to keep things :)
  • Presentation deck: Produce as few decks as possible. Do your content in the same deck(and enriches it on the way when assumptions are cleared) rather then produce another deck and do the similar content again in another overview deck again. The deck has to follow



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Amy Cheong

Amy Cheong

Current: Product Manager at Workmate • Always Software Engineer.