Shop and dine experience at habitat honestbee

We’re a multi-sensory, tech-meets-food grocery and dining experience like no other. See, smell, hear, touch and taste fresh flavours and food items from across the globe

— all in one habitat by honestbee.

Packed! Day 3 opening at habitat honestbee

In-store experience

Turnstile Entrance: Please download the app to enter the store (Mood: 😟)

Photo is taken from here. You need to download and setup the app to get the Bee Pass just to go in.
I wanted to get the Bee Pass to enter the store but I was blocked by the map in the app.

Dining experience

Browse and pay with Bee Pass: Without the app, you can’t order anything (Mood: 🤨)

Shopping experience

Middle picture: The aunty was so confused as she kept scanning the barcode on lobster box but to no avail and the staff had to step in and help her.

Browsing for grocery items: Know about the product (Mood: 🙂)

Convenient checkout and fully automated collection point: (Mood: 🙂)

Dining and shopping areas: You have to search high and low (Mood: 🤨)


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