UX Study: Movie experience project

Keep It Poppin! by EJ Hassenfratz

User Research


  • behaviours
  • before buying ticket
  • payment process
  • reach at cinema (movie day), and
  • others

Key takeaways:

  • With a movie in mind, user has a few locations then search for “acceptable” time range. (Spontaneous plan or after work plan)
  • If the seats are not strategic (extreme front or side seats), users are most likely look for another location or timing combination.
  • Most of the users have their own usual priorities(time, location and movie) in completing their movie purchase.

Interview details can be accessed here



Detailed personas can be accessed here

User Journey Map

Journey Map

With personas in mind, I mapped out their cinema experience journeys. Journey map gives a clearer insights of the woes and good traits based on the existing cinema experience in Singapore. I also stated the emotion that they feel during the process.

With needs stated down based on the overview of the pain points from personas, I proposed ideas that need to be further validate in prototype.




Pain point : Too much information so don’t bother

Pain point: Too much unwanted options makes slower movie decision

Others features

Bookings tab: Fast access to keep track of user movie history or upcoming bookings.



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